How a Sherpa Can Help So That You Can Focus

Woman climbing in Mount Everest National Park, Nepal

It is important for you, as a leader, to be able to focus on your core business while knowing that functions such as Finance and HR are being taken care of in a customized and sustainable way.

Sherpas Help Carry the Load at the Parkdale Food Centre

This spring, our Sherpa team was proud to undertake our second annual volunteer day at the Parkdale Food Centre (PFC) to lend a hand to a great organization. Head Chefs were assigned, teams were formed and the fun began! The Parkdale Food Centre – is truly a little centre that is doing tremendous good in our city. […]

Virtual CFOs Find Advantages in Contract Work

Ottawa Bookkeeping Services Virtual CFO

Shifting from an employee CFO to a Virtual CFO allowed me to continue to do the work I love while balancing other priorities. Smaller organizations need the level of expertise that seasoned experts can deliver but they don’t require a full time role. This can open up some really interesting opportunities that provide a good fit both for the organization and for the virtual CFO.