Sherpa Insights: What Makes a Good Leader?

In This Video What exactly makes a good leader? In this quick video, Walter Pranke offers some of his insights into trying to answer this question. Walter Pranke, CHRL, CEC, is an Executive Leader and Coach. Music: Ukulele –

Employee Standards Act (Bill 148) Review

Employment in Ontario has changed significantly over the past 12 months and will continue to change over the coming years with the introduction of the new Employment Standards Act (ESA) / Bill 148. This is the most significant amendment to the Employment Standards Act in the past 18 years, and there are important employer actions […]

Feeling Inspired by Skier Katherine Stewart-Jones

I sit at my desk here in Ottawa and reflect on the recent adventures of BSG’s favourite cross country skier, Katherine Stewart-Jones; I picture her traveling from the National Team Development Centre in Thunder Bay to Switzerland, Norway and Germany to compete against the best in the world. It’s hard not to also think about […]