Respect in the Workplace: From Reactive to Proactive 

Imagine this… You begin a conversation with someone who has a differing opinion on an issue. Both of you know YOU are right! You begin to get defensive when your opinion is not being heard and your colleague begins to act the same way. The conversation is circular, with each of you waiting for the […]

Shoppers Love You Run For Women

“Living with mental health challenges is hard but we can come together make a difference” And together some of our Sherpas walked and ran with thousands of others to work towards making a difference for the Women’s Mental Health program at The Royal in Ottawa. It was a fun event that contributed to an invaluable […]

Five Practical Practices to Defining Family Business Values

In my first blog on family business values, the focus was on how conflict may be minimized by leveraging values to clarify expectations and guide behaviour. So now that you recognize the value in identifying family values, where do you start? Following are several practical suggestions which can be leveraged to build your family values. […]