How they have adapted: Habitat GTA

The world has been turned upside down in the last year. We wanted to take pause and spend a moment focusing on some positivity in the midst of the craziness. Throughout the past year it has been a period of immense change and uncertainty, and still we have seen time and time again how people […]

Award Announcement!

We are happy to share that Business Sherpa Group is the recipient of the 2020 Employment Ontario Ottawa Network Partner award!

Real Spaces Magazine: Post-COVID Workspace

“The impact of COVID-19 is always evolving and office employers are currently trying to juggle remote and hybrid work models, vaccination considerations as well as the potential return to the physical workplace.” Full article here (page 9). In their newly launched magazine ‘Real Spaces Magazine’, Real Strategy shares their thoughts and opinions alongside real statistics […]

Mentoring Breakfast

We were recently were joined by Brigadier-General Carla Harding and Dr. Sue Haywood (read their bios below!). These two exceptional leaders shared the lessons they’ve learned through remarkable, yet very different, careers. Lessons Learned Being a leader takes you through all kinds of ups and downs, and at times both felt that they didn’t exactly […]

How to Manage Performance Virtually?

How to Manage Performance Virtually? It’s January and chances are you are doing performance management reviews with your team, either sometime soon or you just completed them. But this year is unique (said every email sent since March) because your team has likely been working virtually.   If this has been a new way of working for your team, performance reviews […]

HR and Mental Health | Ways to Support Your Team

It’s hard to know as a manager how to support your team’s mental health. This video covers a couple suggestions (from the HR perspective) to help you help your team get through these tough times. ______________ Music:

HR Operating Plans

HR Operating Plans HR Operating plans help leaders to be aware of the workplace context in which they are working and to devise both strategies and metrics that support the desired organizational capabilities, consistent with the general business’ operating plan.  Why? Strategic HR planning enables leaders to forecast future HR needs. This planning process takes […]

Working From Home Compensation Tactics

With the shift to increased virtual work, we wanted to share some ideas on how to compensate and incentivize your team as they work from home. Hope you find this little video helpful! ______________ Music:

Compensation & HR Policies for Employers with Teams Working From Home

In this session, the focus was on adapting HR policies and properly approaching compensation with teams working from home. This session was specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses (SMEs) who have teams working from home, whether part-time or full-time. We will aim to answer: What should you be doing to remain compliant ? How […]

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation Hires New President & CEO

We would like to congratulate the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation on hiring Michael Maidment as their new president and CEO! Read the Ottawa Business Journal’s coverage of the announcement here. ORCF is the voice for cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario. Their mission is to help people living with cancer by providing local residents with increased […]