Leadership Matters in Family Business

“…the owner who does not tend to the needs of the organization is not creating a business. He or she is just self-employed with a lot of helpers.” – Craig Aronoff. When you read this quote what thoughts come to mind about leadership? What does leadership mean and look like to you? When speaking with […]

Five Practical Practices to Defining Family Business Values

In my first blog on family business values, the focus was on how conflict may be minimized by leveraging values to clarify expectations and guide behaviour. So now that you recognize the value in identifying family values, where do you start? Following are several practical suggestions which can be leveraged to build your family values. […]

Family Values Can Help to Minimize Conflict in Family Business

Is there value in taking the time to develop core values for a family business? Research consistently supports the benefit in having a set of core values that provides a “true north” for a business to make decisions and reinforce the behaviours that are required to make the family and the family business successful. Conflict […]

What Does a Family Business Crisis Look Like?

There are many ways a family-run business can run into crisis, but a common problem is in dealing with generational transition: family businesses are extremely susceptible to failure as they pass through the generations. Everyone in the business has their own expectation of what will happen during a transition, and the different ideas are often […]