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developing leaders series

Next Developing Leaders Series: Conflict and Leadership Management

In case you didn’t know, Business Sherpa Group offers a Developing Leaders Series program. The next session is on May …

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Coach, Mentor or Advisor

Do you need a Mentor, an Advisor or a Coach?

“….what makes Mentors, Advisors and Coaches unique. Each approach offers you something the others don’t necessarily provide, so it’s important to understand what type of guidance is best suited to you in your current situation before investing time, money, or both.”

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BDC Study: Advisory Board Brings Huge Value

Why do only 6% of SMEs in Canada have an Advisory Board in place? Claude Haw gives 5 reasons reasons why.

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Researching Your Strategic Plan – How do I SWOT?

Once you have a project plan in place for your strategic plan, it’s time to get to work.

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Opinion: Why the CEO should NOT be the Chairman

Claude Haw provides his opinion on a recent article from Fortune titled “Should the chairman be the CEO?”.

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Does Your Company Need An Advisory Board?

Many CEOs operate without anyone to bounce ideas off or to provide a broader perspective.

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The 7 Stages of the Strategic Planning Process

What is the process for developing a strategic plan and who should be involved?

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Why do you need a Strategic Plan?

Does your organization have a clearly articulated strategic business plan that everyone understands and supports?

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Meet the Team Ward Verschaeve

Our Experts – Ward Verschaeve

Ward Verschaeve has been the Marketing Coordinator at BSG since September 2021. He graduated from Carleton University’s Bachelor of Commerce program in the same year. …

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