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the five dysfunctions of a team

Book Club #2 – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

We had our second bookclub and overall liked the book…

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Building your Finance Capability for Better Business Decisions

A strong finance capability is key to better business decisions. Without the key data provided by strong financial analysis, making large business decisions can feel like plucking something out of thin air.

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culture club

Book Club: The Culture Code

Culture in a Small Team When Business Sherpa Group (BSG) was formed, Margo’s* vision was a firm that provided full …

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Measuring Value and Performance

Measuring Value and Performance: What’s the Point and How to Do It

As an entrepreneur or leader of a NFP, there’s pressure from stakeholders to prove your value and yet, how do you show that you’re moving the needle forward? While it sounds like a simple question, it is not always clear because there are so many levers at play – revenue, funding (restricted and unrestricted), operational costs, employees, margins etc. If it’s so complicated, why even bother?

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strategic planning

Why Strategic Plans Fail

A solid, simple and focused strategic plan can be a powerful tool in moving the needle forward in an organization. Understanding why plans can fail enables leaders to create a tailored strategic planning process that takes the challenges into account.

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Respect in the Workplace: From Reactive to Proactive 

Imagine this… You begin a conversation with someone who has a differing opinion on an issue. Both of you know …

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Featured Insight

Tips for Attracting & Retaining Talent in 2021

The search for talent has become increasingly more difficult post pandemic. Understanding what employees want from a work environment can help you attract and retain talent. Business Sherpa Group collected data from employees across multiple industries and from a variety of professional and levels. This is a summary of some of our key findings. We hope this information helps you make business decisions that support your organization’s talent management strategy.

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