A Time to Pivot or Double-Down?

Leadership in Crisis

Crisis Offers Opportunity for Clarity and Focus I have been reflecting on the unprecedented challenges all business are navigating and what skills entrepreneurs and leaders need to ride out a storm while maintaining a growth mindset around building value – let’s face, it no entrepreneur will be happy with mere survival as a goal! This […]

The Unchartered Journey: A Time for Leaders to Shine

Living through the initial acute world-wide response to the COVID-19 pandemic includes feeling the immense societal impacts and observing the leadership role in this period. From this response, I have seen many great communications provided by government and public health agencies, as well as some fantastic articles from the business community. As a leader of […]

In Times of Exponential Change, Critical to Establish a Human Resources Function

Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) of every type are entering into an era of exponential change. Technology transformation, data and information abundance, labour force changes and connected communities are coalescing to disrupt businesses, workplaces, teams and how employees want to work. For example, a linear traditional workplace is giving way to a more fluid and […]

Announcement: Growing Leadership Team

I want to share some exciting developments at Business Sherpa Group! With more and more SME organizations adopting the fractional or virtualized model to build out their teams, particularly in HR and Finance, I am happy to say we have hit our own scaling moment and are responding to this growth by adding some additional […]

BSG’s 10th Anniversairy

I am thrilled to announce we’re celebrating Business Sherpa Group’s (BSG) 10th anniversary! It sounds cliché, but the years have truly flown by – 2008 feels like only just happened. This has really has been an amazing and humbling  journey. Looking back to when it was just me in my basement office to today’s large, diverse […]