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Strategic Cloud-Based Bookkeeping = People + Technology

The complete online accounting journey requires people plus technology. Bookkeepers drive the system, using judgement and critical thinking alongside automation…

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Leadership in Crisis

A Time to Pivot or Double-Down?

Crisis Offers Opportunity for Clarity and Focus I have been reflecting on the unprecedented challenges all business are navigating and …

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The Unchartered Journey: A Time for Leaders to Shine

Living through the initial acute world-wide response to the COVID-19 pandemic includes feeling the immense societal impacts and observing the …

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In Times of Exponential Change, Critical to Establish a Human Resources Function

Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) of every type are entering into an era of exponential change. Technology transformation, data and …

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Announcement: Growing Leadership Team

I want to share some exciting developments at Business Sherpa Group! With more and more SME organizations adopting the fractional …

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BSG’s 10th Anniversairy

I am thrilled to announce we’re celebrating Business Sherpa Group’s (BSG) 10th anniversary! It sounds cliché, but the years have truly …

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Small is Mighty

Small and Mighty: Why Small Organizations Will Lead In The Future State of Work

Change is inevitable and the opportunities for SMEs are great for those who choose to disrupt rather than be disrupted.

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What Makes a Great Business Sherpa?

Learn what qualities make a great Business Sherpa and what the flexible Sherpa life is like.

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Todd Luckasavitch Talent Solutions

Welcome Todd Luckasavitch, Executive Leader – Talent Solutions

Business Sherpa Group (BSG) is very pleased to announce that Todd Luckasavitch has joined BSG as Executive Leader, Talent Solutions.

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Scale-up concept with growing plants

Successful Scaling is No Mystery – It’s About Business Fundamentals

Scaling-up is a focus for many businesses. The key to scaling success is to have fundamentals in place.

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Featured Insight

Tips for Attracting & Retaining Talent in 2021

The search for talent has become increasingly more difficult post pandemic. Understanding what employees want from a work environment can help you attract and retain talent. Business Sherpa Group collected data from employees across multiple industries and from a variety of professional and levels. This is a summary of some of our key findings. We hope this information helps you make business decisions that support your organization’s talent management strategy.

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