Talent Market Employers Shift Perspective

Employers: Shift Your Perspective to Hire Top Talent 

Now, finely tuned processes, systems and JSEO, while essential in a tight talent market, often aren’t enough on their own to ensure that you’re able to hire the people you need.

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Job Searching Tips in 2021

Job Searching Tips in 2021 – from a Recruiter’s Perspective

Insights on the most important job searching tips (and mistakes to avoid) including job searching, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, resumes, and interview preparation…

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Join our Team!

Business Sherpa Group is at the forefront of bookkeeping and implementing new value-based pricing models and digitizing services. BSG is expanding our team by looking …

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Habitat GTA Case Study

How they have adapted: Habitat GTA

The world has been turned upside down in the last year. We wanted to take pause and spend a moment focusing on some positivity in …

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ATS Cover Image

Applicant Tracking Systems

In this post we will review Applicant Tracking Systems and the impact an ATS can have on the recruiting process as it pertains to culture from internal and …

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How to Land Your First Job: Recruitment and You!

Let’s not be diplomatic: finding your first job sucks. Employers are risk-averse, valuing proven experience above all else. This makes things hard when you’re applying …

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green chair in front of empty wall

A New Style of Recruitment: Why It’s Working

Rather than outsource recruitment, on-demand talent solutions provide greater value to an organization’s brand and value proposition when attracting and approaching talent.

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Sherpa Stories: Recruiting in a Small Business

A Common Problem Small and medium sized business face all kinds of unique challenges. In today’s video, the client was facing a common problem: trying …

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executive search untraditional

Executive Leadership: Untraditional Requirements and the Impact on Executive Search

The requirements in executive leadership searches and what these leaders are looking for in jobs is changing…

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Emotional Hiring

Controlling the Impact of Emotion in the Hiring Decision

Emotional hiring-decisions can result in extreme cost to your business or organization. Harvard Business Review has stated that as much as 80% of employee turnover …

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