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We have developed a deep understanding of the very unique business challenges that small and mid-size technology companies, not-for-profits, professional services and owner-run organizations face.

Our  experience has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the very unique business challenges that small and mid-size technology companies, not-for-profits and owner-run organizations face.

Why our clients choose us

  • At Modern Niagara, we have had a spectacular experience with Business Sherpa Group. Beginning as a small construction company 50 years ago, we had limited HR experience and no formal HR department within our company. Around 3 years ago, we began expanding at a rapid rate, and needed expert advice to build the HR function within Modern Niagara. This is where Business Sherpa Group helped us with our expansion. Not only did they provide us an experienced and knowledgeable HR Business Partner who has become a seamless member of our team, but they also recommended a series of strategies and ideas to further expand the HR function. Without Business Sherpa Group, we would not have fully recognized the need for a larger HR function within our company, something that we now could not survive without. The advice and knowledge they provided us had incomparable value. Business Sherpa Group has helped us create strategy that supports the people side of our business, including; recruitment, performance development, employee relations, compensation and benefits, learning, and policy, to name a few.  We are so grateful for Business Sherpa Group’s contributions to our HR team, and would highly recommend their services to other businesses.

    Terry Kelly​
    Terry Kelly​ Director, People and Culture, Modern Niagara Group Inc.
  • Kinaxis was experiencing high growth in a short period of time, so we needed to augment our HR team with recruiting power. It was more cost efficient to hire someone from BSG to be part of our team than use third party recruiting firms. BSG has a stable of well-qualified individuals who are able to match your needs to their best people for the job at hand.

    Megan Paterson
    Megan Paterson Director Human Resources, Kinaxis
  • We’re a lean organization and didn’t have the time to actively recruit and find good candidates. Having the BSG Talent Solutions team put their experience and dedicated time to use saved us from trying to recruit on the side of our desks. They helped us find an awesome Director of Finance with the right caliber of skills and within our budget. The experience was positive and demonstrated the value of using part-time dedicated support in smaller businesses.

    John Rapp
    John Rapp Executive Director, Dovercourt Recreation Association
  • With BSG, you are dealing with one individual but have the knowledge base of a much larger group. Any recommendations that need statistical backing or multiple opinions are easy to obtain despite only having to deal with one trusted HR professional. They have my “HR back”, so to speak and I know I can depend on quality advice and information from them in a very short timeframe.

    Minya Gavrilovic
    Minya Gavrilovic Vice President Antenna Engineering & Operations, CCI Antennas
  • Fairtrade Canada hired Business Sherpa Group to assist us in the recruitment of a new Executive Director. BSG worked with us to ensure we had the right job description and profile as a first step in successful recruitment. They then successfully managed the posting and promotion of the job which led to a fantastic number of qualified applicants. They led the sorting of candidates based on pre-defined criteria and the initial screening interviews. During this process they consulted with our board to ensure that we were aligned in our expectations. The result is that they presented 6 highly qualified and well suited candidates for interviews by our Board. Their expertise enabled our board to be involved in the process without having to do the heavy lifting required when hiring. For our volunteer board this was extremely valuable and the process was very cost effective.  I would highly recommend these services to others who are looking to streamline their recruitment process.

    Jennifer Williams
    Jennifer Williams Board Chair Fairtrade Canada
  • We enjoyed working with BSG in our search for a new Executive Director. From beginning to end, the executive search consultant showed a genuine interest in understanding our culture, goals, and challenges. They were very responsive, kept us on track and it was obvious that they wanted the best outcome for our organization. And as an NFP, the price point fit.

    Executive Members
    Executive Members of the Hiring Committee, Equal Voice
  • Every start-up goes through an ‘awkward stage’ of growth where you have a strong need for senior executives in HR, Marketing and Finance, but do not have the resources or workload to hire them full-time. BSG filled these gaps at a time when leadership was critical as we grew from 35 employees to well over 100, where it now makes sense to hire some of these roles full-time

    Jason Flick
    Jason Flick CEO & Co-Founder, You.i TV
  • I had the privilege of working with Business Sherpa Group for the recruitment of ONFE’s new Executive Director. The service provided by BSG was personalized and professional. Small or mid-size not-for-profit organizations looking for executive search support would be well served by BSG.

    Denise Andre
    Denise Andre Director of Education, Ottawa Catholic School Board
  • BSG has provided Inside Edge with high quality financial contract support. This has allowed us to meet our business needs in a flexible way allowing us to dial our support up and down as needed.

    David Hunter
    David Hunter Principal, Inside Edge Properties
  • Without BSG's assistance, we could not have addressed the multitude of HR issues that confront every company every year. They have provided us with access to a range of professional HR services that would not normally be available in-house to an SME.  Their depth of knowledge, experience and professionalism in delivery have all been noteworthy.

    Keith Thomas
    Keith Thomas President & CEO, Vive Crop
  • The Business Sherpa Group's unique strength stems from their ability to quickly understand the organization and become an “internal” resource as opposed to an external consultant. They do so while ensuring that industry best practices are brought to bear on the project, guaranteeing a best-in-class result.

    Dan Thompson
    Dan Thompson CEO, Skate Canada

Our clients thrive with this model.

Say a virtual professional has had a major impact on their organization’s performance.
Feel that a virtual exec is a strategic advantage and key competitive differentiator.
Would continue using using a virtual resource rather than hire a full-time employee.

Out of the accounting abyss: Cliniconex enlists BSG controller and bookkeeping combo

Ahead of their seed funding round, L-Spark grad Cliniconex got the books in order with Business Sherpa Group’s finance resources. Rapid growth and hiring are on the radar for this Ottawa startup.


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