Family Business Programs

We have two programs designed for small and medium sized multi-generational family businesses to support the creation of self-sustaining structures, skills, routines and behaviours to build the foundation for business and family continuity.

BSG offers two Family Business Programs, which can assist with:

  • Addressing generational leadership and ownership transitions
  • Establishing business and family structures that help to minimize conflict, improve decision-making, collaboration and performance
  • Building communication and leadership skills and
  • Preparation of the next generation through education and coaching.

Family Business Foundations Program

Working through a discovery process, we partner to identify priority issues impacting the family and business and then create action plans.

We work towards establishing self-sustaining structures, skills, routines and behaviours through facilitated discussions and coaching. This work advances the goals of the family and the business by supporting the client with the execution of the action plans. The program includes both individual and family meetings which are scheduled to accommodate the requirements of the business and family members.

Family Business Owner Coaching Program

The Program involves one or several members of the family ownership group participating in an individualized coaching experience.

We address the unique conditions, challenges and issues that are present in family owned businesses through an active process of self-discovery, action identification and implementation. The program typically includes an initial discovery process followed by an initial three-month program of two sessions per month with the option to continue as needed.

Ready to grow your business and maintain strong family relationships?

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