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Get to know our Talent Solutions Specialist, Conor Rolland! Conor is a vital member of the recruitment team and we wanted to share his experience with BSG.

Why BSG?

Why did you choose BSG? Tell the story about why they chose/enjoy working with BSG? 

I was actually referred to Business Sherpa Group from a current associate, Anne McKenna, who previously worked with my mother. She referred me to Margo Crawford, the CEO of BSG, and let her know that I was very interested in pursuing a career in HR (while I was still going to school at Carleton University). I remember meeting Margo at the Luna Café just off of March road on a rainy day and I was extremely nervous, however she made me feel very comfortable and explained to me more about the business and her vision.

From that moment on I knew that BSG was a company that I could get behind based on their mission, values, and goals for the future, and I would echo that to any young professional looking to grow their skills in a very supportive and professional environment. I love the flexibility that BSG offers from a work-life balance perspective and I love the team that I work with as everyone is so supportive and they will always have your back.  

Typical Day

What do you do during a typical day? Is there something about your work that you enjoy the most? 

My typical day involves working with between 5-7 clients on a daily basis. I am often responsible for anywhere between 15-30 hiring requisitions at any given time, which includes roles in Finance, Engineering, Human Resources, Software development, Customer support, Marketing, Sales, and other areas.

In my position you need to be extremely organized and have all your ducks in a row to ensure that all recruitment cycles are moving along by responding to emails, reviewing resumes, conducting phone screens, preparing interview guides, conducting interviews, calling candidate references, and preparing offer letters.

More recently, I have been involved on the business development side for our Managed Recruitment team, so that would involve tasks such as drafting proposals, updating information in our CRM system, scheduling sales meetings, conducting sales meetings, and following up with any questions prospective clients may have about Business Sherpa Group, our services, and our amazing team!

Leadership Style

How do you keep you/your team motivated during these unprecedented times (COVID-19)? 

Recently, my partner and I just bought a house and we are welcoming a new puppy into our lives, so that will be some well-deserved stress relief (or added stress depending on our puppy’s personality!). I often like to go for runs once or twice a week, doing yoga or other workouts 2-3 days a week, and playing a few rounds of golf each week to keep me sane. I am a massive sports fan, so anytime I can catch a game on TV, whether it be hockey, baseball, or football, it truly helps me unwind and relax.

As for my team, with the recent news of adding a new puppy to our family, I have been requested, or more like demanded to send pictures and video updates to my team to see this little furball! One blessing about my team is that we often meet once a week to chat about our challenges and successes, and everyone is always so upbeat and willing to support and encourage others with anything going on at work or in their personal life.  

Future Goals

What are your future goals (for either yourself or for you SME clients)? 

My future goal is to gain more leadership experience, to learn more about the HR function, and to become a sales wizard. I would ideally like to pursue another level of higher education, whether that be an MBA, CHRL or another equivalent program that will help bring my career to the next level.

As for my clients, I am very dedicated to providing all of my time, attention, and effort to providing them with the best recruitment support possible and to identify the best candidates that will not only fit the skills they are looking for, but to identify candidates that will help them grow and succeed as a business.