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Ward Verschaeve has been the Marketing Coordinator at BSG since September 2021. He graduated from Carleton University’s Bachelor of Commerce program in the same year. Ward is an expert in graphic design, video editing, and content writing. 

Discovering BSG

Interestingly, I stumbled upon BSG by accident. I was being interviewed for a marketing position at a company they were recruiting for, which I ultimately didn’t get. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I was asked to interview for BSG after the fact. They put up with my horribly weak rural wifi connection, and a few days later, I was hired!

My favourite thing about BSG is how close everyone is, despite it being a virtual office. A few weeks after I stared, I got invited to go out for drinks with none other than virtually the whole executive team, Margo, Todd, Rick, and my manager, Leanne. They were super friendly and made me feel like I had been working there for years! Good taste in appetizers too.

Working at BSG

I’ve been the Marketing Coordinator at BSG for 11 months now, which means I oversee most of the content we produce for our campaigns. There are so many parts of my job that I enjoy, collaborating with people on content, SEO optimization, which I consider a fun game of me vs. Google’s algorithms, and creating video content.

I don’t get to interact with many clients in my current role, but when I do, I really like to listen to their stories and how our help has brought them closer to their goals. I used to do consulting at a previous company, and my favourite part was helping people transform their marketing dreams into a physical reality, seeing how my input showed them new ways to do business. When I do meet with clients now for case studies or occasional projects, it’s nice to see that we are a business that does that on a much larger scale, those stories are always really motivating.

Our Approach

My favourite feature of our approach to business, marketing specifically, is that we don’t aim to be preachy, or to boast about ourselves too much (this ‘meet the team’ post notwithstanding, I love to talk about myself!). Everyone here really does make our clients’ success the top priority, rather than getting in good results for ourselves. Rather than making people jump through hoops for resources, we aim to share information with whoever needs it.

Outside of the Office

I am notoriously incapable of sitting still, which I think comes from growing up on a farm. When I’m not at the desk, you can find me biking all over Montreal, my favourite spots are Mount Royal and The Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. If I can’t get in my 50 kilometres a day, I get very restless! I’m also an avid swimmer, having swam on the Varsity team in university. At this point I have drunk enough pool water to fill an Olympic swimming pool, no regrets!

I’m also a huge taco enthusiast, and there are 6 taquerias within 1 kilometre of my apartment, as if this neighbourhood was designed with me in mind. I run the highly unknown taco rating Instagram @tacosivehadworldwide, rating tacos I’ve had throughout my travels. If you have a recommendation, I’m all ears!

Small Business Shoutout

Well, if you find yourself in the St. Henri neighbuorhood of Montreal, you should absolutely visit Librairie St Henri Bookstore, an independent curated bookstore where you will want to buy every book you pick up, as I have. I could write an essay about my love for Moo Shu Ice Cream on Bank St. in Ottawa, a place I have not found an equivalent for yet in Montreal. If you’re downtown, stop in and get the Lime and Mint Leaf ice cream, the greatest ice cream to ever exist.