Overview of CERB Changes

Overview of CERB Changes

Last week (August 5, 2020) changes were announced to the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) as well as for a couple other key COVID supports. Here is a quick overview of what was announced:


  • CERB will be ended, and those currently on CERB will be transitioned to EI (CERB is currently scheduled to continue until October 3rd, 2020). More details on announcement here (via Globe & Mail)
  • Gig and contract workers will be transitioned to temporary benefit similar to EI. Allow to partially work and still receive this new benefit.
  • Sickness and caregiver benefit for workers not covered by paid sick leave at work.
  • More details on next steps by end of August
  • No increase in EI premiums
  • CERB program details here

COVID Alert App

  • Created COVID Alert App in partnership with Ontario gov’t.
    • Connected to Ontario health systems. Other provinces to join system in future. Atlantic provinces are next jurisdictions to join the app.
    • App registers all other users who also have the app who you interact with in day to day. It will alert you if you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive.
    • It allegedly does not access personal information like name, address, or geolocation.
    • App is not mandatory, and its viability is dependent on the size of its user base.

Temporary Foreign Workers

  • Gov’t investing $59 million to fund health inspections and improve living conditions on farms for temporary foreign workers.
  • New measures being considered for temporary foreign worker program, including requiring that company’s provide better living conditions for temporary foreign workers, as part of the application process. No firm policies at this stage.
  • CBC article with additional details here

Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program

More Information

You can find details on the Government of Canada’s and Government of Ontario’s websites. We are always happy to help answer any questions, so if you would like to discuss any concerns or questions with someone please reach out. One of our HR pro’s will respond and help however they can.

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