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Don’t embark on the leadership journey alone. Let us work with you to strengthen your governance structure and leadership team.

With an eye to the future, but feet firmly planted in the present, leaders often face the most challenging decisions alone.

Organizations typically have limited time, experience and networks to ensure they have the right people at the table to effectively support the organization through their next phase of growth or change. We partner closely with leaders and Boards to bring our shared experiences, perspectives and guidance to help with the big decisions and focus on long-term results.

Experienced guidance with the big decisions.

Does your organization have a clearly articulated strategic plan that everyone understands and supports? Are there appropriate governance structures and processes in place?

The Business Sherpa Group brings a rich blend of CEOs, Board members, Chairs, Investors and business owners who have lived through full corporate life cycles many times. We provide confidential, experienced and objective advice to CEOs, EDs and owners who wish to expand their own thinking and strategize through decisions to select an optimal path forward.

We help to ensure that your team and Board is working effectively and with best practices in place to optimize performance.

Are you effectively developing your high potential employees? BSG Business Mentors are seasoned leaders with a successful track record for building teams and grooming individuals in their careers.

Business Sherpa Group’s Business Mentoring program builds self-awareness, leadership skills and business acumen that will help both your organization and your employee achieve full potential.


Our standard program generally lasts six months with a check-in after three months to evaluate value, progress and to recalibrate on priorities and expectations.

Strategy & Governance Services

Strategic Planning

All well-run organizations should have a strategic plan that has been well articulated for and understood by all staff and key stakeholders.

Regardless of your company size or stage, creating a strategic plan can align your team and ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal.

We have experience in authoring, reviewing and critiquing more than 1000 business or strategic plans and are happy to help you formalize your strategic plan.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Vision, Mission, Value Statements
  • Operational Plans
  • Financial Plans
  • Execution
  • Review
Board Effectiveness

Strong organizations generally have effective governance structures and processes in place, but in today’s fast-changing world expectations of boards continue to rise.

We work with your organization to implement effective tools, programs and approaches to help ensure your board of directors and board committees operate efficiently and effectively as great stewards of the organizations and partners with management.

  • Board Assessment
  • Board Recruitment
  • Onboarding Process
  • Meeting Effectiveness
  • Advisory Board Formation
Leadership Effectiveness

Good leadership is difficult to achieve in a complex, ever-changing corporate environment.

Best practices are only ‘best’ if the create the results needed for the organization and should not be undertaken simply to adopt the latest trend or to check a box.

In mapping out the plan to create the most effective leaders, we look beyond just the individual to the organizational structure, culture, processes, tools and systems to ensure all the ingredients are in place for a highly effective management team.

  • Leadership Roles
  • Leadership Organization
  • Executive Compensation
  • Executive Search
  • Leadership Onboarding
Succession Planning

Succession is the pinnacle measure of corporate health. If all that has been developed, grown, established can remain fully intact through an unexpected change of leadership or new ownership without any decline in the organizations value and effectiveness – then this is success.

Yet most organizations struggle with succession planning for the CEO/Executive Director, key employees or the Board of Directors.  We encourage companies to be fully aware of their succession options for short and long term planned and unexpected scenarios as a robust exercise in managing risk and preserving the value of the organization.

  • Management Succession Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Board Succession Planning
  • Organizational Growth Roadmaps
Governance Best Practices

Healthy organizations get strong and stay strong by constantly striving to be the best that they can be. Strengthen your organization by understanding current best practices and implementing them over a reasonable period of time.

We draw on our extensive experience work on and with Board to help you understand best practices for your size and type of organization and help you build a game plan for implementation.

  • Roles, Policies and Processes
  • Board Compensation
  • Reporting and Minutes
  • Risk Management
  • Committee Charters
  • Board Mandate
Executive Team Assessment

An assessment of the executive team allows the board of directors and senior executive to assess the strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities for improvement in the team.

A third party review allows for an unbiased view of the team and their readiness for the next phase of growth or change.

BSG works with a wide spectrum of organizations and can leverage the data from comparable organizations to create an action plan for the organization.

  • Leadership Structure
  • Contracts Assessment
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Leadership Team Alignment
  • Leadership Development
Corporate Governance Assessment

Assessing the performance of the board and identifying blind spots is a critical component of effective governance for an organization.

We offer a cost-effective service where we evaluate your organization against best practices for similar organizations and propose an action plan for improvement over a reasonable period of time.

  • Corporate Organization Structure
  • Documentation Review
  • Development Needs
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Policies & Processes
Business Mentoring

Management often have the ‘right stuff’ but may find their mandate as a leader brings new and daunting challenges that they are inadequately prepared for.

Our Business Mentoring Program pairs high potential employees and succession candidates with a BSG Business Mentor. Our mentors are subject matter leaders from a wide variety of roles and professions who provide regular one-on-one mentoring sessions to address areas for change and improvement, and to help work through challenging situations or decisions.

  • Chair & Committee Coaching
  • Management Mentoring
Business Strategy

In addition to our strategic and succession planning support, the Business Sherpa Group can assist with any other strategic initiatives your company may be facing.

As your organization matures into an industry leader, situations arise and important decisions must be made, the results of which can cause serious implications for your organization.

Whether you have built a strong portfolio of services and products and need to regain focus, require an execution roadmap for your strategic plan, are looking for support through M&A transactions, or simply want a sounding board for important business decisions, our team of seasoned advisors are here to help you through all challenging situations.

  • Business Case Evaluation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Program/Product Review
  • Strategy Execution Roadmaps
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Business Decision Support

What Our Strategy & Governance Clients Are Saying

  • BSG has continued to provide exceptionally high value to MD Financial Management in tackling a number of organizational challenges. Margo has a unique ability to quickly understand business conditions combined with a strong instinct to offer clarity around a path forward. She is a real workhorse and thoughtful advisor and we have come to value her ongoing insights and results.

    Brian Peters
    Brian Peters President & CEO, MD Physician Services
  • The BSG was invaluable in guiding us through our strategic planning process. All too often management teams are operational in focus, but Claude Haw used his extensive experience to ensure the emphasis remained on the long term. The session itself was also a great opportunity for team building. The INSIGHT exercise provided senior members with a better understanding of how to work together more effectively as a team.

    Christopher Judge
    Christopher Judge Head of Operations, Novozymes Canada

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