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Flexible, on-demand talent solutions are quickly becoming a top-of-mind option for organizations of all sizes.

As speed of innovation, unique needs of talent and ability to supplement and control services grows, organizations want choices. Rather than outsource recruitment, on-demand talent solutions provide greater value to an organization’s brand and value proposition when attracting and approaching talent.

The agility of the on-demand talent model, combined with the focused SME market segment experience, and multi-industry talent expertise, has Business Sherpa Group (BSG) meeting this trend and business driven need head-on. The approach caters to an organization’s ever-changing needs as they scale-up or down based on impacting shifts within the market or business.

Talent Cycle

This model sees an organization through a critical shift in paradigm from pure hiring and acquisition to an expanded, more holistic approach. This approach ensures success by encompassing the full spectrum of the talent cycle planning, execution and enablement. It starts when the hiring need is identified, leading to the talent or workforce plan.

Next comes execution of the plan through attraction and acquisition, and finally, to onboarding and development of the hired resource. The model ensures the process is seamless through the steps to ensure new employees become fully functional in the role.


The Talent Cycle

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Before an organization hires, the business needs and strategy are reviewed to ensure the right talent is being added to address current and future skill needs and gaps.

This involves a review of the business plan, strategy, milestones and timing. A thorough skill and role assessment is completed for clear identification of requirements. Development opportunities are identified within the current talent pool, as well as prioritization of external needs. This is followed by developing effective sourcing strategies to meet those needs.


Once the talent strategy has been planned to align with business goals, we ensure the talent needed to satisfy that plan is attracted, sourced and hired. On-demand talent services are not structured to “sell candidates”. They are embedded within the client’s business, dedicated to the client for the agreed need(s) and build on the employer’s brand and value proposition. This ensures placement of candidates that not only fulfill the specific skill gap needs, but they also possess the culture and team fit that has best demonstrated success within the client environment.


Once the critical talent has been hired, we take action to accelerate their time to productivity and effectiveness. Onboarding strategies and development plans are critical to get everyone on the same page and contributing value quickly. A successful onboarding program begins at the time of verbal acceptance, through to Day 1, and continues with plans for development and success at 3 months, 6 months through to the new employee’s Year 1 anniversary.

This flexible, yet holistic on-demand talent model responds to the ever-changing needs of organizations, overcomes the transactional nature of outsourced recruiting, and delivers high value for users.

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