Strategy & Governance

Facing Hard Decisions Alone?

With an eye to the future, but feet firmly planted in the present, leaders often face the most challenging decisions alone.

Most small and mid-sized organizations have limited time, leadership bench strength and networks to ensure they have the right people and experience to effectively support the organization through growth or change. Many leaders are on their own to craft a vision, develop a strategy and implement plans to execute effectively. Our team closely partners with leaders to inject the right type and amount of leadership expertise to support and complement the existing team.

We provide support so leaders no longer have to work alone. Our diverse team of executive associates work with CEOs, EDs and owners who wish to expand their thinking and strategize through decisions. With confidential, experienced and objective advice, we help to ensure that your team and Board are working effectively, with best practices in place to optimize performance now and in the longer term.

How to tell when you could use some help

Ask yourself: Does your organization have a clearly articulated strategic plan that everyone understands and supports? Are there appropriate governance structures in place? Have you effectively translated your strategy into annual operating plans? Are you facing big decisions without a sounding board at the right level?

Who’s on our team

The Business Sherpa Group brings a rich blend of CEOs, Board members, Chairs, Investors and business owners who have lived through full corporate life cycles many times.