Supplemental Benefit Plans Explained

Here is a quick review of the Supplemental Benefit plan:

Employers can use a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) plan to increase their employees’ weekly earnings when they are unemployed due to a temporary stoppage of work, training, illness, injury or quarantine.
Employees should not have a fixed work schedule while on a temporary stoppage of work, but instead are called to work when work is available. This work can be from home.
Full details can be found on the Government of Canada’s website

Your SUB Application

The two documents required to submit your SUB application are linked here. We have templated a SUB Plan but please make sure to edit with your own information!

Other Support Programs

Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 Resource page for the Employers Guide to Government of Canada Support Programs (continually updated). Manuals, sample work from home policies, etc are housed on this page and are downloadable (ungated) for free. We also have a video on Work Sharing agreements as well as a quick blog post summarizing the other EI support programs offered.

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