The Unchartered Journey: A Time for Leaders to Shine

Living through the initial acute world-wide response to the COVID-19 pandemic includes feeling the immense societal impacts and observing the leadership role in this period. From this response, I have seen many great communications provided by government and public health agencies, as well as some fantastic articles from the business community. As a leader of […]

Representing BSG at Leading Change Canada

Leading Change Canada group photo

Looking back I can’t believe it’s already been a month. On February 10th I was humbled and (super) excited to attend the Leading Change Canada forum. Along with 149 other delegates selected from across Canada, we gathered in Vancouver to work towards accelerating positive environmental, social, and economic impact. I think it’s safe to say […]

Sherpa Stories: Recruitment in a Growing Company

A Growing Tech Startup Small and medium sized business face all kinds of unique challenges. In today’s video, the client was trying to find an affordable yet effective recruiting solution for their small, growing tech startup. Managed Recruitment Our Managed Recruitment Team Lead, Zack, has been with this client for years now. He saw them […]