Managed Recruitment

We manage and execute on your recruiting process from end to end.

We Manage & Execute

We can manage and execute on your recruiting process from end to end

Including all this:

  • develop your job postings
  • advertise your jobs (various platforms)
  • review applications (using our systems or yours)
  • source passive candidates
  • conduct phone screening
  • develop interview guides and schedule interviews for your hiring team
  • lead or participate in interviews
  • check references
  • Prepare offers and conduct offer negotiations

…And if you’ve got most of this stuff covered, we can jump in and fill the gaps. In short, we do whatever you need done.

We Advise

If you’ve never done recruiting (or never done it well), we can help. In addition to executing the process, we can teach you how it’s done, advise on best practices, and help you implement systems that can enhance, automate and streamline your talent acquisition infrastructure.

How do we do it? After all, the “how” is at least as important as the “what”. This is how:

We’re Virtual

We are pioneers in the realm of virtual support. It’s how we’ve always operated. Our recruiters can work from anywhere – our office, your office, home office. In these challenging times, with the Coronavirus pandemic dramatically altering how organizations work, we’re well-equipped to support you virtually, and we’re highly experienced in doing so. In fact, we feel so at-home working this way (no pun intended) that we can help you do it too, ensuring that your recruiting operation is as effective as it can be.

We’re Embedded

We function as in-house recruiters for our clients. That means we join your HR/Recruiting team, or we become your team if you don’t have one. As embedded recruiters we adopt a truly collaborative approach, working with your team, under your banner, within your systems, to help you hire the right people. The assets we help you develop and accumulate – such as job postings, interview guides, and crucially, resumes – belong to you.

When we join your team, we learn your business and buy into your culture. We flex to your processes and timelines, and we adopt your preferred communication channels, tools and styles. In short, we adapt. It’s a core value of ours; part of our DNA.

We’re Strategic

Our mandate is simple: we’re here to help, whether that means helping you recruit on a shoestring budget, supporting you on a years-long journey of growth, or quickly mobilizing resources to help your HR team through a hiring blitz. As virtual, embedded recruiters, we’re in the boat with you, pulling in the direction you want to go, focused at once on the next stroke and on the horizon.

It’s this strategic alignment, along with our team’s expertise and integrity, that has enabled us to earn the trust of over 400 clients since 2008 and have a significant impact on their success.

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