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Flexible, affordable support designed for smaller organizations

Could things work better?

Are you part of a smaller organization trying to do it all, but feeling like there’s just too much on your plate?

Well, you’re not alone. Many SMEs have the same experience and through no fault of their own, end up with gaps in operational and strategic functions. Yet often business size simply does not allow for hiring full-time resources to fill these gaps. So, despite the impact on corporate performance, our solution areas are typically under-resourced in small employers.

At Business Sherpa Group we strive to fill these gaps through flexible, affordable support designed specifically for organizations like yours.

Peak Business Performance

Dedicated to helping small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), we provide operational business management solutions along with strategic services to fully support organizations on their business journey.

Uniquely Flexible

Our proven approach offers flexibility by providing corporate services in a way that works best for each client. Whether we become an in-house part-time department, add strength to the bench or support the team through a period of change; we offer services that are flexible and customized to each client’s needs.

A Partnership

Partnership is how we approach helping SMEs. Our focus and commitment is to the client (you!). Our model focuses on becoming an ’embedded’ part of your team. This means working under your banner, working with you as desired – on site, virtual or a combination – and being there when you need us.

Cost Effective

Clients only pay for the work they need done. Business Sherpa Group is designed around helping small to mid-sized organizations, and a key element to ensuring SME’s success is flexibility to ensure cost effectiveness: we can do as much or as little as needed, when needed.

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