The Business Sherpa Group Approach

Proven to help small and medium sized enterprises thrive

Why This Works for SMEs

Highly Flexible

Customized support allows you to adjust priorities and dial up or dial down our services as your business needs fluctuate.

Cost Effective

Pay only for what you need and keep costs down by leveraging our mix of senior and operational resources.


Access to seasoned executives who have ‘been there’, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time salary.

Broad Team

Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the extended group. When your needs change or when your consultant is away, we have back-up.

Single Touch Point

Spend less time managing multiple suppliers and contractors. Our consultants work well together and strengthen communications across functions.


Our clients trust us. We will be honest about your best interests and will suggest when a full-time resource or alternative may make more sense.

Our Approach

Business Sherpa Group (BSG) is a management consulting firm specializing in providing embedded business services to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). BSG consultants are independent contractors and business owners in their own right who understand the unique challenges facing SMEs.

SMEs often lack the complete set of resources needed to thrive. Business Sherpa Group’s proven and sustainable approach is to combine the support of our senior consultants and operational experts in the right amounts to meet your business needs. Our consultants become part of your internal team and deliver services either virtually or in-house. We are your partners on this journey and the team you can count on over the long-term.

Consultants that are passionate about helping SMEs thrive. Supporting you through every step on the journey.

The Business Sherpa Group team has been on this journey many times before. Our broad team ranges from senior executives to new grads. Their exceptional skills and experiences will help you achieve new levels of corporate performance.

Our Practice Areas

Despite their impact on corporate performance, our practice areas are typically under-resourced in small employers. Too often they are managed by employees who simply don’t have the time or background. Hiring a dedicated mix of resources to expertly manage these functions can relieve significant pressure in your organization.

Want to reach peak business performance?

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