A Time to Pivot or Double-Down?

Leadership in Crisis

Crisis Offers Opportunity for Clarity and Focus I have been reflecting on the unprecedented challenges all business are navigating and what skills entrepreneurs and leaders need to ride out a storm while maintaining a growth mindset around building value – let’s face, it no entrepreneur will be happy with mere survival as a goal! This […]

Starting a New Career During COVID-19: Challenges and Thoughts

2020 may have earned the title for roughest start to a year thus far (that does not involve a major conflict). To say the least: yikes! On a happier note, I turned 30 in February and just before that monumental birthday I had a chance to work with Business Sherpa Group (BSG) for a day, […]

Considerations for Reopening & Virtual Employee Engagement

HR Chat

An HR Chat We recorded this week’s discussion about re-opening considerations and how best to navigate the next phase of the COVID-19 journey for business success. This resource is kind of like a podcast, so feel free to let it play and listen. Other Support Programs Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 Resource page for the Employers Guide […]