Case Study with Dext: How We Grew Our Bookkeeping Solution

With new workplace changes in the past year due to COVID-19, we are humbled to share that, thanks to effective use of technology supporting our amazing team, we were able to scale our bookkeeping practice by 200% year over year. 

A key component that enabled this degree of growth comes from partnering with companies like Dext (previously known as Receipt Bank). You can read a detailed case study about how we partnered with Dext to grow our bookkeeping solution here!

In general, BSG adopted new technology over the last two years to drive productivity and create new growth opportunities. The bookkeeping team listened to their client’s needs and worked with Dext to provide a key component – accounts payable document management – in achieving a fully digitized, cloud-based accounting system.

Moving forwards, BSG’s focus is on continuing to scale efficiently and sustainably to provide our small and medium size business (SMB) clients the same opportunities large companies have. Our goal is to create a world where SME’s can succeed and thrive, with personalized support from experts who aptly utilize leading technologies.

The case study linked below! You can download it (for free and ungated) from the Dext website.

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