The Road to Finance Digitization For Small and Medium Businesses

New | The Road to Finance Digitization for Small and Medium Businesses Implementing new technology into your practice is easy. Making it work well is where there needs to be more strategy. We wanted to share …

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Finding Efficiencies in your Accounts Receivable

New | Finding Efficiencies Within your Accounts Receivable

Cloud-Based accounting enables business owners to be more efficient with their bookkeeping practice. How can it help your business? We sat down with Nick Adamson, …

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Optimizing Technology In Payroll

New | Optimizing Technology In Payroll

Payroll plays a huge part in the operations of any business. We wanted to look at how it impacts human resources and the employee experience, …

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All About Cloud-Based Bookkeeping BSG Experts

New | What is Cloud-Based Bookkeeping

EmbaarqBK combines our panel of experts + cloud-based technology to make bookkeeping easier for small and medium business owners. What is cloud-based bookkeeping? We interviewed …

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case study with dext

Case Study with Dext: How We Grew Our Bookkeeping Solution

Case Study With new workplace changes in the past year due to COVID-19, we are humbled to share that, thanks to effective use of technology …

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Quickbooks Connect Conference Blog Infographic (1)

QuickBooks Connect: The Evolving Needs of SMBs

Entering a new generation of finance digitization, accountants should focus on managing business operations, getting expertise from professionals, and embedding themselves into their client’s business in 2021.

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Strategic Cloud-Based Bookkeeping = People + Technology

The complete online accounting journey requires people plus technology. Bookkeepers drive the system, using judgement and critical thinking alongside automation…

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Story of Digitizing Impact of Mail

A Story About Digitizing Your Finances: The Impact of Mail

Before I start, I need to clarify that I, like many of us, love receiving actual paper mail. This love of mine started in the …

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Case Study: Bookkeeping Support Frees Up Owner’s Time

Small and medium sized business face all kinds of unique challenges. In today’s video, the client was trying to launch a new product but kept …

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Value of Digitizing Your Finance Function

This is part one of a two-part series. To learn more about how to phase your digital transformation, check out our step-by-step guide on Wicket’s …

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