Optimizing Technology In Payroll

Optimizing Technology In Payroll

Payroll plays a huge part in the operations of any business. We wanted to look at how it impacts human resources and the employee experience, …

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All About Cloud-Based Bookkeeping BSG Experts

What is Cloud-Based Bookkeeping

EmbaarqBK combines our panel of experts + cloud-based technology to make bookkeeping easier for small and medium business owners. What is cloud-based bookkeeping? We interviewed …

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case study with dext

Case Study with Dext: How We Grew Our Bookkeeping Solution

Case Study With new workplace changes in the past year due to COVID-19, we are humbled to share that, thanks to effective use of technology …

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Quickbooks Connect Conference Blog Infographic (1)

QuickBooks Connect: The Evolving Needs of SMBs

Entering a new generation of finance digitization, accountants should focus on managing business operations, getting expertise from professionals, and embedding themselves into their client’s business in 2021.

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Strategic Cloud-Based Bookkeeping = People + Technology

The complete online accounting journey requires people plus technology. Bookkeepers drive the system, using judgement and critical thinking alongside automation…

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Story of Digitizing Impact of Mail

A Story About Digitizing Your Finances: The Impact of Mail

Before I start, I need to clarify that I, like many of us, love receiving actual paper mail. This love of mine started in the …

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Nick Thumbnail

Case Study: Bookkeeping Support Frees Up Owner’s Time

Small and medium sized business face all kinds of unique challenges. In today’s video, the client was trying to launch a new product but kept …

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Value of Digitizing Your Finance Function

This is part one of a two-part series. To learn more about how to phase your digital transformation, check out our step-by-step guide on Wicket’s …

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Starting a New Career During COVID-19: Challenges and Thoughts

2020 may have earned the title for roughest start to a year thus far (that does not involve a major conflict). To say the least: …

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Sherpa Stories: Accounting in a Small Business

A Common Problem The client was getting pulled all directions AND trying to do the bookkeeping by themselves. Hasn’t every small/mid-sized business leader been here? …

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