The Road to Finance Digitization For Small and Medium Businesses

New | The Road to Finance Digitization for Small and Medium Businesses Implementing new technology into your practice is easy. Making it work well is where there needs to be more strategy. We wanted to share …

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Finding Efficiencies in your Accounts Receivable

New | Finding Efficiencies Within your Accounts Receivable

Cloud-Based accounting enables business owners to be more efficient with their bookkeeping practice. How can it help your business? We sat down with Nick Adamson, …

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Optimizing Technology In Payroll

New | Optimizing Technology In Payroll

Payroll plays a huge part in the operations of any business. We wanted to look at how it impacts human resources and the employee experience, …

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All About Cloud-Based Bookkeeping BSG Experts

New | What is Cloud-Based Bookkeeping

EmbaarqBK combines our panel of experts + cloud-based technology to make bookkeeping easier for small and medium business owners. What is cloud-based bookkeeping? We interviewed …

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How EmbaarqHR Makes Human Resources Easier for Managers

EmbaarqHR Makes HR Easier for Managers

A few months ago, we launched EmbaarqHR, a service that combines our HR experts with a technology that makes HR functions easier for managers and …

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Free up time with HR Experts + Technology

Free up time with HR Experts + Technology When you’ve grown tired of being the HR department for your business, we recommend checking out EmbaarqHR. …

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HR Chat Podcast: HR Help for SMB's

HR Chat Podcast: HR Help for SMB’s with Dr. Sue Haywood

This is an exciting time at Business Sherpa Group. On top of our team continuing to grow, we’re launching EmbaarqHR, a unique HR solution designed …

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Introducing EmbaarqHR: Powered by Business Sherpa Group | Announcement

We are excited to announce our EmbaarqHR solution is live! 

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