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A few months ago, we launched EmbaarqHR, a service that combines our HR experts with a technology that makes HR functions easier for managers and employees. This service, which is catered to small and medium business owners, lets us deal with all the technical and administrative functions within businesses HR departments, letting managers grow their business knowing that there is a strong workforce at its base. We wanted to highlight some of the benefits for managers and employees, so we sat down with our EmbaarqHR Lead, Laura Gauley, to discuss some of its functions.

How does EmbaarqHR help employees?

Employee needs are constantly evolving as they grow and spend time at work. It helps to have all of their needs addressed in a centralized place. Whether its vacation tracking or training, EmbaarqHR is the place where employees can access all the resources they’re after. EmbaarqHR allows employees to view their leave balances in live time, as well as creating a central portal for all leave requests within a team, so employees can schedule time off without burdening a single person on a team with all the work in their absence. Read: The Benefits of Leave Tracking EmbaarqHR also makes training easier for employees. Rather than having to go through several links on different sites to get all their certificates, users can simply use the training section in EmbaarqHR to see what training they need to do, if any certifications have expired, and access any additional training a manager might request. Our experts make sure all training is up to date with provincial/territorial legislation, ensuring workers are safe, informed, and empowered on the job.

How does EmbaarqHR connect managers and employees?

First, the training. With regulations constantly changing around employee conduct, health, and safety, having a partner who understands what legislation impacts businesses can save an employer scores of time and uncertainty. We work to update training requirements whenever legislation changes, so managers don’t have to. As well, EmbaarqHR lets managers see who has completed what training modules, all in one place. EmbaarqHR simplifies the performance appraisal process, creating an online form for managers and employees to access during the performance appraisal. The service enables managers to regularly schedule appraisals, so employees can anticipate when they occur, and so that they can get the feedback they desire in the workplace.

Ready to Start?

We launched EmbaarqHR because we want to make work easier for owners of SMBs. We wanted to provide access to our large roster of HR experts and give people a technology that is easy to navigate and cost effective. If you want to discuss how this service could impact your business, we’re ready to learn about your unique needs and how we can help. Discover Embaarq HR