Employment Policies for Small Businesses: A Chat

Last week one of our Sherpas, Forrest Donaldson, was fortunate to be a guest on Momentum Law‘s Facebook Live event. Together Forrest and Megan Cornell, a lawyer and the Founder & CEO of Momentum Law, discussed the legal and HR importance of having proper written Employment Policies in your small business. They specifically went over:

  • Social media policies
  • Violence and harassment policy (legally required)
  • Policies around various leaves of absence
  • Cannabis policy

The chat was so full of substance that we couldn’t upload it as one file! Each type of policy that was reviewed has been segmented below:

Social Media Policies

Violence and Harassment Policies

Leave Policies

Cannabis Policies

If you found this chat useful then good news! Momentum Law holds Facebook Live chats every Friday at 11:00 am; see their Facebook page here. This conversation between Megan and Forrest was specifically for their new learning platform, Momentum Business Law Academy.

About the Authors

Megan Cornell

Megan Cornell is the Founder, CEO & Lawyer at Momentum Business Law Professional Corporation. Find out more about her extensive experience here.

Momentum Business Law Academy

Forrest Donaldson

Forrest Donaldson is a member of the Business Sherpa Group Team. He specializes in Human Resources as well as Talent Solutions. If you have policy questions and are looking for an HR perspective, please reach out!


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