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Bringing Creative Workforce Models to Canada’s First Innovation Centre of Sport

January 25, 2018 (Ottawa, ON) – Business Sherpa Group (BSG) today announced an exciting partnership with the RA Centre and House of Sport, the first collaborative and innovative sport hub in Canada. BSG is proud to be welcomed to this shared home base for the local sport community – and to make available flexible and affordable business services in Human Resources, Finance, Strategy & Governance and Marketing to more than 20 National Sport Organizations (NSO), Multi-Sport Organizations (MSO), not-for-profits and sport-related businesses. BSG is thrilled to be opening this satellite office in the House of Sport.

Addressing the Future of Work with Creative Workforce Models

“Within the House of Sport, these forward-thinking, co-located sport organizations are at the forefront of the trend towards new and innovative workforce models. The truth is, there is significant pressure on small organizations to think and organize differently – to disrupt or be disrupted,” says Margo Crawford, President and CEO, Business Sherpa Group. “By being creative and leveraging alternate business models including sharing space and sharing business services, these sport organizations can truly accelerate their performance.”

The House of Sport provides an open concept community, with opportunities for sharing costs, best practices, business development opportunities and communication networks.

Opportunities for Learning & Collaboration

In addition to providing flexible, embedded business services to NSO tenants of the House of Sport, the Business Sherpa team will be an active contributor to on-site collaboration and workshops, and offer lunch and learns on subjects that are timely and topical to the sports community. The first BSG Lunch & Learn – available at no charge to House of Sport members – will discuss “Top Governance Issues for NSOs”, scheduled for February 28.

“Business Sherpa Group and the House of Sport embody the shared values of collaboration, innovation and leadership development,” says Tosha Rhodenizer, RA Chief Executive Officer. “We are striving to build an incubator for new collaborations here and, to that end, BSG’s management consulting services are a perfect fit. This presents a special opportunity for all the in-house organizations as they grow and develop.”

“I love the fact that everyone at House of Sport is dedicated to the collective success of all partners,” says Margo. “Together with our new partners at House of Sport, we are keen to contribute to this collective of high performers.”

A Shared Passion for Sport

“We currently work with a number of NSO clients and many of us on the BSG team have been involved with sport all our lives, so we tend to have a soft spot for sport organizations,” says Margo. “We understand their unique business challenges and their potential, so we’re very excited about the particular value that we can bring.”

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About Business Sherpa Group

Business Sherpa Group (BSG) specializes in providing embedded business services for small and medium sized employers across HR, Finance, Strategy & Governance, and Marketing. Our approach is to embed both senior and operational resources to provide full-spectrum services in a flexible and scalable way. BSG seasoned leaders bring their experience as CFOs, HR Executives, CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, VPs and other leadership roles from organizations across Canada, US and internationally to support over 200 SMEs – covering the span of technology companies, owner-managed businesses, not for profits and charities.

 About the RA Centre

A member supported not-for-profit organization; the Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada operates a multi-sport, recreation and leisure facility conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa. With a deep and quality laden line-up of fitness programs, sports leagues designed for adults, summer camps for children and youth and clubs for all ages, the RA is an environment that values fun, respect and excellence. With a proud legacy of community engagement that embodies a clear passion for excellence in sport, the RA has much to offer the sport community. The House of Sport, a first of its kind design in Canada, offers National (NSO) and Multi-Sport (MSO) organizations the opportunity to house their national offices in a feature-rich environment designed for collaboration, innovation and leveraging efficiencies. The House of Sport offers organizations an open concept community, and supports them with a wide range of services and meeting rooms, leveraging economies of scale to drive down costs, as well as opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations and access health and wellness opportunities for staff members.