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This is an exciting time at Business Sherpa Group. On top of our team continuing to grow, we’re launching EmbaarqHR, a unique HR solution designed for small and medium businesses. We hope that this service can help businesses access HR resources that are typically out of reach for most SMB’s/SME’s. With the spirit of sharing in mind, our Director of HR Practice and Head People Officer, Dr. Sue Haywood, recently sat down with Bill Banham of the HR Chat Podcast to discuss the benefits of this HR solution, the future of work in the pandemic, and how SME’s have risen to the challenge of the last 2 years.

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A Unique Solution for SME’s

BSG prides itself in supporting businesses with resources that are usually out of reach. The tap on tap off model allows businesses to seek our help when they need it, while still charting their own course. EmbaarqHR is an extension of this model, allowing businesses to access our experts when they need them, or just using a centralized technology to manage their HR function.

Challenges, Lessons from COVID-19

“You can do a lot more with people that are respected and engaged than people who you tie to a desk and a schedule” Sue explains, highlighting that the biggest change we will see from COVID-19 is a desire for flexibility. Workplaces that have understood that people’s lives are less flexible and work is not a top priority will see more retention, loyal consumers, and a better brand reputation.

With that in mind, it has certainly been challenging to organizations, and being open and honest with your staff is paramount. Whether that’s trying to find solutions to support them and yourself or letting them have a say in operations, there are lots of things managers can do to retain their best employees. The most important thing is treating them with respect and listening to their needs.

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About Dr. Sue Haywood

Dr. Sue Haywood is the Director of HR Practice and Head People Officer with Business Sherpa Group and an Assistant Professor at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. Sue’s career includes service with the Canadian Armed Forces and HR roles within healthcare, government, Fortune 500 companies. Her experience and knowledge of the HR considerations enable her to provide strategic advice to private and public sectors, unionized and non-unionized workplaces, and large and small organizations. She serves on the HRPA board of directors, volunteers with Great Dane rescue and is the proud mom of a pre-schooler.