Margo Crawford Interviewed for MaRS Discovery District’s “Ask an Expert” Series -

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Margo Crawford was interviewed by Angelo Casanas of MaRS Discovery District for the MaRS Discovery District “Ask an expert” blog series that seeks to address common mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

She was interviewed on the topic of recruiting. In order to see their ideas come to life, entrepreneurs must find the right human resources. The people you hire can mean the difference between realizing your dream or creating an organizational nightmare.

Here’s a quote from the interview:

Most entrepreneurs know that they have to build a team, but the biggest mistake they make is to be reactionary. Companies will say, “We need a developer” or “We need a finance person,” and then they go out and hire the person without stepping back and thinking about what the company really needs to do.

What usually happens is that companies think about the traditional roles that need to be filled. What they’re not thinking about is what roles they will need in the next six months or in the next two years and how they’ll resource those positions. – Margo Crawford

Access the full article here.