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Get to know our Business Operations Specialist, Ehima Ojei! Ehima is a vital member of the Operations team and we wanted to share his experience with BSG.

Why BSG?

What do you enjoy about working with BSG?

I first learnt about BSG from Conor Rolland, a classmate of mine who was already working here at the time. He introduced me to Todd, BSG’s President, and I was fortunate enough to start my journey at the company! I started as a casual employee supporting the Managed Recruitment effort. Ever since my first day here I have always counted myself lucky to get to work at a place like BSG. That fortunate feeling stems from the genuine care, support and respect you get from everyone at the company and especially our leaders.

Typical Day

What do you do during a typical day? Is there something about your work that you enjoy the most?

On a typical day I would prioritize supporting the sales team by making sure they have everything they need to close on new clients and projects. My current position working in internal business operations means that I get to do a variety of new tasks on a daily basis that I may have never encountered before, which is fun because I get to employ creative solutions. This includes making sure our employees and associates are set up properly and have all the tools they may need in place so that they can do what they do best and provide unmatched value to our clients. I am sort of the person everyone in the company knows they can come to by default to help answer any questions they might have about anything or to direct them to a more suitable resource!

Leadership Style

How do you keep you motivated during these unprecedented times (COVID-19)? 

I try to recognize and take time to celebrate small successes. It’s easy to overlook those small wins when the bigger overall project is still underway. At the same time, I ensure I have a clear idea of what the goal and end result is at all times which helps with creating a clear path to achieving it!

Future Goals

What are your future goals (for either yourself or for you SME clients)? 

I will continue to take advantage of my position in the company to learn as much as I can from my mentors and other department heads. My future goals include continuing to provide assistance in the effort to improve BSG’s internal processes as much as possible. I see a future where we will be able to automate and streamline all our internal business processes to optimize the value the company provides.