Meet the Team: Emmanuelle Bouliane

Get to know our Talent Acquisition Associate, Emmanuelle Bouliane! Emmanuele is a vital member of the Managed Recruitment team and we wanted to share her experience with BSG.

Why BSG?

What do you enjoy about working with BSG?

I was introduced to BSG through Kelsey Ellis. Kelsey and I were students together at Algonquin College in the HR Graduate Certificate program and she recommended me for a role after she was hired. I’m happy that she did! I find the work that I do rewarding, and I appreciate that BSG gives me opportunities to grow.

I’ve been at BSG for just under a year and I was hired during COVID which means that I’ve never met my colleagues in person due to lockdowns. I’m impressed by how welcoming the team is and how easy they made it to build a connection with them even though we all work remotely. We regularly have virtual team building events and people go out of their way to be accessible to new team members. I appreciate this and it’s one of the reasons that I enjoy working here.

Typical Day

What do you do during a typical day? Is there something about your work that you enjoy the most?

A typical day for me is spent sourcing (looking for potential hires on LinkedIn) and other recruitment activities. The thing that I enjoy the most is helping clients solve their problems and finding solutions that work for them.

Leadership Style

How do you keep you motivated during these unprecedented times (COVID-19)? 

This is a second career for me and even though I enjoyed what I did before, I didn’t have a chance to collaborate very often. The team atmosphere here at BSG is what keeps me motivated and I appreciate that everyone’s goal is to work together to get the best results for our clients. Our team makes a point of supporting each other and we all get along really well. Our weekly team meetings are the highlight of my week!

Future Goals

What are your future goals (for either yourself or for you SME clients)? 

My future goals include continuing to improve my recruitment and HR skills. I’m also interested in learning more about the other business functions at BSG.

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