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We wanted to introduce the experts working within EmbaarqHR, the newest technology solution we are offering at Business Sherpa Group (BSG). This week, we’re introducing Laura Gauley, our EmbaarqHR Team Lead.

What is your role at BSG? What aspects of your work do you enjoy the most?

I started as an HR Business Partner, working in both human resources and managed recruitment with clients to help with their HR and recruitment needs. I have since taken on the role as the EmbaarqHR Lead, still within the HR department.

I love working with the team on figuring out what clients need from their HRIS system. I get to work with a team of smart, experienced professionals to try and figure out how we can best serve our clients. Being able to help clients out with their HR needs and showing them this great tool that will help them manage that and getting to be the person that can make their jobs easier.

Do you have a memorable client experience from your time at BSG?

I don’t have just one memorable client experience. What I can say is that every client that I have been able to introduce EmbaarqHR to comes out of it excited to implement it.  It makes me feel like we are really helping them out and just having that client so happy to have found something that is going to work for them, is such a great experience for me.  The clients trust us that what we recommend and have for them will benefit their business.

What is your favourite feature of EmbaarqHR? How has it impacted your work and your work with clients?

I think my favourite feature about EmbaarqHR is the leave tracking and performance management tools. I have been in positions with other companies where they couldn’t monitor and track these things. It’s such a benefit to an employer to have something like this. Not only to ensure compliance but to the unreliable spreadsheets that must be kept up.

As well, performance management is always something that needs to be done but is always time-consuming for employers.  Having it automated like it is in EmbaarqHR makes it so much easier on employers. Knowing how important these 2 aspects are to employers and employees, I feel that this platform is going to help businesses out.

I work specifically in the tool all day with my clients.  I know the benefits this tool has and being able to talk about it with the clients has been very rewarding.  I see how amazed they are when we explain what the application does and how it can help them.  It is really rewarding to see them so happy and to be the one to share that with them, really makes my job that much more valuable to me.

How did you learn about Business Sherpa Group (BSG)? What do you enjoy most about working with BSG?

I heard about BSG through Dr. Sue Haywood, whom I worked for a few years back when she was the Director of HR and ER with Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

I have worked for a few companies and BSG truly appreciates its employees. They trust that their employees are good at what they do, and you feel part of the team.  They have mastered the virtual work environment and they can show their employees they care about their work/life balance.

Do you have any hobbies/favourite things to do in your spare time?

I enjoy woodworking in my spare time.  I have made many different things and continue to try new projects.  I have a workshop with all my tools, and I enjoy making things for family and friends.  I also love to travel.