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Get to know our Accounting Associate, Megan O’Neil! Megan is a vital member of the Bookkeeping team and we wanted to share her experience with BSG.

Why BSG?

What do you enjoy about working with BSG?

In March 2020, I moved across Canada from the BC Interior to Ottawa and had to resign from my previous position. Finding work during the pandemic was not an easy task for me, as I was weary about going into an office as well as unsure about navigating the entire interview process online. I had heard good things about BSG through the grapevine, felt like it would be a great work environment for me, and was about to apply when I was messaged by Barbara through LinkedIn. It was very serendipitous! I have always felt at ease communicating with the whole BSG team and have felt supported and appreciated.

Typical Day

What do you do during a typical day? Is there something about your work that you enjoy the most?

My typical day includes keeping my clients books up to date, primarily their accounts payable and accounts receivable, bank reconciliations as well as payroll. However, that is a rather simplistic view to what I do because there are always new tasks and new solutions to find. My work offers the ability to apply my knowledge and also to learn more advanced skills along the way. We have a very diverse and synergetic team that enables us to approach our clients’ bookkeeping needs in a very progressive and holistic way.

Leadership Style

How do you keep you motivated during these unprecedented times (COVID-19)? 

I’ll keep it simple: During difficult times I think the biggest thing we can do for ourselves and others is practise compassion and keep our communication lines open, and to give ourselves a break when we need it. Be good to others and be good to ourselves.

Future Goals

What are your future goals (for either yourself or for you SME clients)? 

I am currently enrolled in university online and am taking advanced level accounting courses. I want to gain a better understanding of “The Big Picture” in relation to accounting and finance.