Meet the Team: Zack Fleming

Get to know our Team Lead of Management Recruitment, Zack Fleming! Zack is a vital member of the recruitment team and we wanted to share his experience with BSG.

Why BSG?

Why did you choose BSG? 

I came to BSG as a new grad beginning a second career. I met the founder and she was willing to give me a shot. At that time, and consistently ever since, BSG has been an organization that values autonomy, collegiality, positivity, effort and professionalism. We’ve been working remotely here forever. Our leaders really get it, and they trust us. That’s not something to be taken for granted.

Typical Day

What do you do during a typical day? Is there something about your work that you enjoy the most? 

My days are spent interacting with clients, organizing and delegating work on projects, and recruiting. I really enjoy working with my team of star recruiters.

Leadership Style

How do you keep you/your team motivated during these unprecedented times (COVID-19)? 

Our team is super collegial, so we stay motivated by staying close socially, relying on each other, backing each other up. Everybody has a strong natural sense of service and conscientiousness, and that ensures camaraderie and resilience in tough times.

Future Goals

What are your future goals (for either yourself or for you SME clients)? 

My goal is to continue to help our team members develop their skills and careers, and to continue to grow the team.

Managed Recruitment

You can learn more about what our Managed Recruitment team does here!


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