Ministry of Labour Cracking Down on Compliance in SMEs -

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While compliance with Employment Legislation has always been of great importance for Ontario employers, never before have we seen such a high level of site visits and enforcement from the Ministry of Labour.

A number of our clients have recently received visits from the Ministry to ensure that they are fully compliant with not only AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act), but also the Employment Standards Act and all Health & Safety legislation.

For those employers who are found non-compliant in one or more areas, they are typically being provided with a very short window of time to become fully compliant (I.e. 1-2 weeks, though more significant sanctions may be imposed, up to and including significant fines and/or a lock being placed on your business operation until such time as you are fully compliant). Some of the key areas of focus include:

  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Health & Safety Representative or Joint Health & Safety Committee, depending on the number of employees, along with meeting notes and monthly Inspection checklists
  • Health & Safety Awareness Training
  • Employment Standards Act compliance
  • Adherence with Employment Law posting requirements
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act – policy, training, reporting and work plan (if required)
  • Workplace Harassment Policy and training
  • Workplace Violence Policy and training

First and foremost we simply wanted to make you aware of these visits and ensure you have it on your radar.

While our hope is that you are currently compliant on all fronts, in the event that you are not, or are not sure, the Business Sherpa Group has knowledgeable HR professionals who can work with you to address any or all of these requirements.

While we understand that there are many key business priorities on your plate, please know that the Ministry of Labour Representatives have the right to come onsite at any time – without warning and without permission.

Make sure you are covered so that if and when you receive a visit from the Ministry, you have everything in place that’s required. For more information please contact Sherri Coxon, Managing Director, HR Practice for the Business Sherpa Group. Sherri can be reached at