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Meet JP Sloan, a Senior Bookkeeper at Business Sherpa Group. Since 2019, JP has helped small and medium businesses with technology adaptation and implementation, and tax filings.

Discovering BSG

I first heard about BSG through a networking event at my school. I was encouraged by how BSG specifically focused on small and medium business owners and operators in all kinds of industries. My favourite part about working here is the ability to control your own work-life balance.

Working at BSG

I’m a senior Bookkeeper, which I enjoy because it gives me two different roles. First, it lets me operate behind the scenes in our clients’ books, catering to my introverted self. When that gets lonely, I also have a chance to interact with business owners and share ideas and strategies with them, letting me be an extrovert from time to time.

Our Approach

COVID really exposed how outdated many small and medium businesses are about technology, and at BSG we introduce technology to businesses and help the owners use it to their advantage. We apply solutions that cater to specific business needs and working with different applications each time is one of my favourite features.

Outside of Work

Being with my toddler and baby, getting to watch them grow is my favourite thing to do in my spare time. Their energy and enthusiasm for everything is inspiring.

Small Business Shoutout

I’d like to shoutout two of my favourite small businesses here in Barrhaven! Pete and Gus Meat Market and San Marino’s Pizza, conveniently right beside each other. If I want quality meat and customer service, there is truly no better butcher around. You can tell that San Marino’s Pizza cares about their product and people – the quality is unmatched!