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Meet Suzanne Bali-Courtemanche

Suzanne Bali-Courtemanche is a Human Resources Practice Lead with Business Sherpa Group, and specializes in the design, development, and operationalization of strategic HR priorities.  Have a complex HR issue in your workplace? Suzanne is the person to speak to!  

Discovering BSG 

I discovered BSG through Margo Crawford several years ago through her significant contributions in the business community. Margo’s ability to articulate HR’s value proposition in clear and plain language struck me in a way that completely resonated. 

Working at BSG 

I’m all about translating business goals into tangible HR plans that help foster organizational growth & performance, employee experience and service excellence while having fun! 

I joined the organization to offer HR expertise in the areas of HR Governance, organizational transformations/change management, employee relations and employee experience. 

In my role, not only do I work on what I enjoy most (including mentoring and learning from my HR peers and colleagues!), I get to do so with SME leaders that are genuinely invested in either establishing or enhancing their HR function and that to me, feels incredibly purposeful and rewarding. 

Career Highlight 

During my career I’ve had the good fortune of working with amazing business leaders, teams and professionals who led by example in the most difficult of circumstances. Being exposed to this early on helped influence and shape my career and the person that I am today.  I have learned that the way we handle ourselves through our approaches, behaviors and ability to self-regulate is key to de-escalating situations and fostering an environment where people feel psychologically safe and where they grow and thrive. 

Playing an active part setting-up businesses and people for success is my passion. Time and time again I have witnessed that when leaders, management teams and employees put their best foot forward, they can literally move mountains and being a part of that is meaningful to me. 

Outside of the Office 

Top of list is spending quality time with friends and family, notably my grandson. I also really enjoy cycling with my husband and taking long walks with our German Shepherd while listening to music. 

Small Business Shoutout 

I want to shoutout Godin Lacroix et Associés in Gatineau, and everyone in their amazing team! They know their stuff and are always ready to help. 

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