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Margo Crawford, President and CEO of Business Sherpa Group partnered with PIVOT magazine to discuss the importance of creating a recruitment plan.

To start, Margo notes a recruitment strategy shouldn’t be an afterthought. It needs to be factored into your business strategy from the start.

Companies that react from a need because it’s painful are behind the game. Keep in mind that it can easily take up to two to three months to get a new employee hired and in a seat in your office. – Margo Crawford

Margo shares some great advice on tactics for drafting compelling job descriptions, where to post your jobs, and how to conduct an effective interview. And when it comes to making the final decision, Crawford has tips on how to evaluate if you’re making the right choice.

This video was produced by Startup Canada as part of a joint campaign with Intuit Canada to support small business owners and entrepreneurs across Canada in accessing the knowledge and tools they need for better hiring practices and to support the success and growth of their companies.