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Human Resources

Many SMEs do not have the time or resources for a dedicated HR department, yet as companies grow, the people challenges become more prevalent and complicated. Your employees are your biggest investment and deserve the attention of a dedicated HR team.

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Executive Search

We strongly believe that SMEs deserve to have access to effective Executive Search services in order to attract and hire top talent. With this in mind, we created a Value-Based Executive Search model where the true value of the search comes from the quality of service, quality of results and making this accessibility priced for smaller organizations.

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Finance & Administration

Can you see the patterns of financial performance with accurate and timely information? The combined oversight of a Virtual CFO with the efficiency of an accountant is a sustainable solution that will not leave you with gaps in the finance function.

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Talent Solutions

The simple act of hiring is not adding talent to your team. We understand how important it is to find critical talent that is matched to your business, culture and workforce plan. Let us help you.

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Marketing & Communications

SMEs often lack resources to focus on ensuring that your marketing activities are aligned with business goals. We develop effective and coordinated strategies to tell your story, build your brand, engage with your target audience and move your customers to action.

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Strategy & Governance

Companies maturing into industry leaders face new challenges as they move from one phase to the next, with leaders carrying the weight of this load. We partner closely with leaders and Boards to bring our shared experiences and guidance to help with the big decisions.

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Family Business

We have deep respect, empathy and experience working with small and medium sized multi-generational family businesses to support the creation of self-sustaining structures, skills, routines and behaviours to build the foundation for business and family continuity.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • We enjoyed working with BSG in our search for a new Executive Director. From beginning to end, the executive search consultant showed a genuine interest in understanding our culture, goals, and challenges. They were very responsive, kept us on track and it was obvious that they wanted the best outcome for our organization. And as an NFP, the price point fit.

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