Managed Recruitment 

Managed Recruitment

A flexible recruiting partnership designed for small and mid-sized businesses

What We Do

What We Do

We provide our clients with in-house recruitment support. That means we join your HR/Recruiting team or we become your team if you don’t have one.

We manage and execute on your recruiting process from end to end, including all this:




Reference Checks

Develop job postings

Advertise jobs (various platforms)

Source additional passive candidates

Review applications

Pre-screen phone interviews

Prepare & present candidate summaries

Develop interview guides for your hiring team

Schedule interviews for your hiring team

Conduct in-person interviews at your office or ours

Check references

Offers of employment

Offer negotiations

….and if you’ve got some of these covered, we can jump in and fill the gaps.

Complementary to Managed Recruitment are our Human Resources and Executive Search solutions. Feel free to learn more about about these areas below, or contact us at the bottom of this page. We’re always happy to chat.



Executive Search

How We Do It

How We Do It

Managed Recruitment is the emerging best practice with flexible, embedded, cost effective methods.

Our Managed Recruitment service is a unique model designed to drive the success and sustainability of talent planning, recruitment, onboarding and integration of required skilled resources. Specifically designed for small to medium sized enterprises, including NGOs/NFPs, technology and private businesses. The solutions are tailored and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

A Case Study

Here’s a case study that illustrates how it looks. The names have been changed, but otherwise this scenario is pretty typical…

Peter, a BSG recruiter, has been working with a client called SLT Software Inc. for the past two years. SLT is a small/mid-sized high-tech based in Ottawa. When SLT recruiting is in full swing Pete might work 15-20 hours/week. When things are slower he might work 2-3/hours week. And if there’s nothing to do at all, he’ll go dormant until SLT needs him again. He does most of his work remotely, and visits the SLT office if they need him on-site for something.

As an internal recruiter, Pete has an SLT email address and has access to a range of SLT tools like Slack, Jira, and the applicant tracking system (ATS). Having access to these systems enables him to provide immediate, essential, seamless support to SLT’s hiring managers and HR leader. Pete posts jobs and reviews applicants through the ATS, uses his SLT email to communicate with candidates, conducts phone screens, and schedules interviews for the hiring managers (remember: with his SLT email address, he can see their calendars).

In his role at SLT Pete is a Recruiting Coordinator, Senior Recruiter, and Recruitment Program Manager all in one. He’s smart, efficient, trusted by SLT’s hiring managers, and he only works as much as SLT needs him to.

If SLT keeps growing, they’ll soon be large enough to hire a full-time employee to manage their recruiting activity. They won’t need Pete anymore. And that’s okay. Helping clients like SLT get where they want to go is what we’re all about.

A Partnership

Partnership is how we approach recruitment. Our focus and commitment is to the client (you!).

Managed Recruitment focuses on the value of added with true partnership, aligned with organization goals and strategies, as well as focuses on first year outcomes. Our goal is to become your internal recruiter, work as part of your team under your banner to help you hire the right people. We build recruiting materials that belong to you, implement recruiting solutions that belong to you, and build talent pools that belong to you.

Our cost-effective flexible approach and ability to focus creates a thorough search, even when there are time pressures.

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, our team of Recruiters are not commissioned on placement (there is no finders’ fee). We only bill for time actually used.

Flexible & Embedded

Our model focuses on becoming an ’embedded’ part of your team. This means working under your banner, working with you as desired – on site, virtual or a combination, and being there when you need us.

Business Sherpa Group is designed around helping small to mid-sized organizations, and a key element to ensuring SME’s success is flexibility. Our Managed Recruitment service embodies this: we can do as much or as little as needed, when needed. If a client wants us to develop and own the recruiting process, we’re eager to do so. If a client just needs us to post jobs and conduct reference checks, no problem – we got it.

We’re there when recruiting is heavy; we go away when it’s all done. Clients only pay for the work they need done.

Cost Effective

Our Managed Recruitment team can support your strategic hiring efforts while ensuring the process is cost effective. Our cost per hire is typically a fraction of what a search firm charges because you only pay for time actually used. There is no “finders’ fee”.

This savings is amplified when a client needs to make multiple similar hires since we work hourly instead of a fixed cost per hire (as typical at agencies). For example, if you’re hiring two Junior App Developers the work overlaps so our time is efficiently used to simultaneously fill both rolls.

Who is this best for?

Organizations who benefit from our solutions are often those who have limited available expertise, require support due to bandwidth and those who simply need effective options on how they can add talent to their team. Here are a few simple questions to consider:

  • Are you recruiting on the side while trying to balance multiple other priorities?
  • Is the process new to you? Could a recruitment guide help you?
  • Don’t have the resources or need to invest in a full-time recruiter?
  • Are you trying to expand your network?

A yes to any of these is a good indication our approach would work for your business. We are passionate about helping as many small and mid-sized organizations reach peak business performance as we can. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to reach out (you can find the contact information at the bottom of this page).



Whether you’re curious to learn a bit more or ready to dive in, we are happy to chat.

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