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The simple act of hiring is not the same as adding talent to your team.

We understand how important it is to find critical talent that is matched to your business, culture and workforce plan. Let us help you.

Think you can’t afford your own dedicated Recruiter? BSG Talent Solutions provides SMEs with the emerging best practice for recruitment with a flexible, on-demand, embedded service offering, focused sourcing, recruitment and placement.

The BSG Talent Solutions offering is a unique, embedded model designed to drive the success and sustainability of talent planning, recruitment, onboarding and integration of required skilled resources. Specifically designed for small to medium sized enterprises, including NGOs/NFPs, technology and private businesses. The solutions are tailored and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

Creating a Talent Strategy Together

Organizations who benefit from our solutions are often those who have limited available expertise, require support due to bandwidth and those who simply need effective options on how they add talent to their team.

Recruitment Partnership versus Traditional Transactional Candidate Placement

Unlike traditional recruitment firms, our team of Recruiters are not commissioned on placement. Our focus and commitment is to the client. Success is ensuring our clients are adding the right talent with the best possible candidates by:

  • Building awareness and client brand
  • Sourcing with conventional and creative approaches
  • Working diligently until the quality hire is found
  • Discouraging the behaviour of knee-jerk or panic-driven hires

Our cost-effective approach and focused efforts offers a thorough search and diligence in hiring, even when there are time pressures. BSG Talent Solutions focuses on the value of added with true partnership, aligned with organization goals and strategies, as well as focuses on first year outcomes.

Talent Solutions Services

BSG Recruitment Solutions
  • Dedicated ‘embedded’ recruiter when required for full cycle recruitment
  • Working with your team: closely connected to business, culture and organization
  • Responsive to the need as it evolves
  • The talent pool created belongs to you
  • Social media support to enhance reach and leverage your brand
Executive Recruitment
  • Specialists in recruitment of senior leaders and executive level resources for small/medium sized businesses and NGOs
  • Dedicated, experienced and well networked senior level recruiters working closely with your team
  • Deep experience and knowledge of talent and recruitment needs and strategies
  • Strategies aligned to organizational goals, direction and culture
Talent Review & Strategy
  • Develop talent plan & roadmap
  • Establish Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Sourcing strategies
  • Anticipate key gaps and functional pinch points
  • Prioritize key hires and timing
Business Pivot Talent Strategy
  • Review of business plans: current/new business direction & milestones
  • Customer traction (growth demands)
  • Opportunities with current team: shift roles & develop
  • Key gaps: identify, define and prioritize
New Hire Onboarding
  • Establish the experience you want new employees to have on day-one
  • Bring your culture, your routines and your norms to life with comprehensive onboarding
  • Understand what success looks like after 3, 6 and 12 months – develop the plan to ensure success of your critical new hires

The Talent Cycle

Talent Solutions Graphic

What Our Talent Solutions Clients Are Saying

  • Fairtrade Canada hired Business Sherpa Group to assist us in the recruitment of a new Executive Director. BSG worked with us to ensure we had the right job description and profile as a first step in successful recruitment. They then successfully managed the posting and promotion of the job which led to a fantastic number of qualified applicants. They led the sorting of candidates based on pre-defined criteria and the initial screening interviews. During this process they consulted with our board to ensure that we were aligned in our expectations. The result is that they presented 6 highly qualified and well suited candidates for interviews by our Board. Their expertise enabled our board to be involved in the process without having to do the heavy lifting required when hiring. For our volunteer board this was extremely valuable and the process was very cost effective.  I would highly recommend these services to others who are looking to streamline their recruitment process.

    Jennifer Williams
    Jennifer Williams Board Chair Fairtrade Canada

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