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What sets the Business Sherpa Group Executive Search apart?

Besides from being tailored specifically for small-to-mid sized businesses and non-for-profits, the BSG Executive Search is proudly…

 Cost Effective

A flat fee vs a percentage-based approach driven by the candidate’s total compensation.


A 90-day roadmap including specific timelines and milestones.

High Touch

We offer a high touch service from beginning to end of the search.

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A $25K flat fee vs a percentage-based approach driven by the candidate’s total compensation makes Executive Search accessible to small-medium sized businesses and not-for-profits.

From the beginning of the search you know exactly what you will spend. This ensures that we help you hire talent based on best fit for your organization and we negotiate compensation with your organization’s best interest in mind.

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In our structured project approach we create and execute on a 90-day roadmap including timelines and milestones. Within the 90 days we identify and help you make a successful offer to the right candidate.

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Pre-Search: We work with leaders to examine organizational structures, understand gaps and overlaps on teams, functional activities, leadership imperatives and challenges that must be addressed with a new hire. We work extensively with Boards of Directors and CEOs to help define what needs they are trying to address with a new leader or team member. We then create compelling job descriptions that speak with precision to the ideal candidate and develop sourcing strategies that leverage our networks and relationships throughout the search process.

Active-Search: We gather insights about the candidates beyond the candidates’ work experience and behavioural attributes, to include learning about candidates’ priorities, values and vision for their careers to verify alignment with your organization. In addition, we gather candidate insights by conducting strategic in-depth reference interviews. The differentiator here is that we speak with references that may not necessarily be on the original reference list provided by the candidates. The in depth interviews confirm achievements and credentials as well as discover how to best manage and motivate them once they are part of your team.

Post-Search: We’re experts at bringing people together and guiding the process of making high impact decisions. Our Executive Search team follows up with you and with the successfully hired candidates to ensure continued fit.

Experienced Team

Our Executive Search process is handled from start to finish by our experienced senior team.

Recent Searches

Here are some of our recent successful Executive Searches.

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Our Executive Search process is handled from start to finish by our experienced senior Executive Search team who themselves have hands-on experience as hiring managers, whether hiring senior talent for their own firms or as leaders for other organizations. Our team’s background and experience as senior leaders, spanning multiple sectors and markets means they have dealt with a variety of challenges that organizations face on a daily basis.

Our executive search team is augmented by our senior resource partners within Business Sherpa Group. This means direct access to multiple leaders who act as advisors in areas of Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Governance and Family Business.

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Here is a sample of our recently completed Executive Searches:

  • Director Communications, Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS)
  • President & CEO, Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE)
  • Executive Director, Equal Voice
  • Executive Director, Canadian Hatching Egg Producers (CHEP)
  • Executive Director, Fair Trade Canada
  • Executive Director, Illsaqsivik Society
  • Executive Director, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC)
  • Vice President of Finance, Vista Credit

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