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Our Founder & Chair, Margo Crawford, recently sat down with A.J Lawrence of Beyond 8 Figures to discuss her entrepreneurial journey, what lead her to founding BSG, and her advice to creating effective leadership and business processes, and reconnecting to your company’s mission and purpose. This podcast is a good listen for anyone who owns a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or is feeling inspired to start one.


Key Takeaway

Throughout the discussion, Margo highlights ways she has simplified things in order to support future growth for her business, but also for herself too. As a business owner she recognized the value in reflecting on “what [does she] personally need over the long term, and what does the business need to succeed?” It is important to think about the long-term path for both the business as well as reflect upon the long-term path for the owner; when both are healthy both are more likely to be happy. This feeds into an important point she explains; that with strong succession planning businesses can navigate transitions while adding value to the organization.



In this absorbing 40-minute episode, SME owners can find insightful advice about planning an effective business process to promote both business and personal growth. You can also learn about our founder and the journey that brought her to the Business Sherpa Group, and perhaps there are elements of this journey you may find comfort in relating to your business or business venture. Check it out!