We Manage and Monitor

Don’t worry about keeping up with accounts payable, we manage and monitor the entire process for you.

Business Sherpa Group works embedded in your business, so this process is done under your banner and ensures seamless bookkeeping and accounts payable (AP) within your business. The AP process includes:

  1. We set up a central email where all vendor invoices will be sent for payment.
  2. Publish all bills into accounting system.
  3. Run the aged accounts payable report for the monthly payment run.
  4. Distribute payments for approval and release from bank.
  5. We leverage technology that integrates your accounting system and your bank accounts to send out payments. Within this system we set up appropriate approval channels so that payments are released only after someone with the appropriate authority approves to release. All payment types can be supported to provide flexibility with various suppliers.


We also manage the accounts receivables process.

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