Experts + Technology. The future of work for small businesses.

We’d like to tell you about Embaarq!

Embaarq brings together our team of experts with leading technologies to provide the maximum possible support to SMEs in the most efficient way possible.

This enables affordable access to senior and operational resources alongside the latest cloud-based systems.

The result? Embaarq creates the freedom for SMEs to focus on building their business knowing backend operational functions are taken care of.

Starting with: EmbaarqHR

We are excited to announce our EmbaarqHR solution is live! Learn more about how we are bringing modern and complete HR to small and medium sized businesses.

We will eventually be offering our full suite of solutions through the Embaarq approach of: “Experts + Technology”.

Our Business Sherpa Group vision, mission, values are guiding us as we move into this exiting growth stage. So stay tuned for the launch of more service under our Embaarq umbrella!

Embaarq Solutions

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