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Having a good succession plan is a measure of good corporate health.

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How a succession plan impacts business

If all that has been developed, grown, and established can remain fully intact throughout a planned transition, an unexpected change of leadership or new ownership without any decline in the organization’s value and effectiveness – then this is the definition of business success.

Yet most organizations struggle with succession planning for the CEO, Executive Directors, key employees or the Board of Directors.

Whether businesses are planning for generational transfer, building leadership through internal growth or adding new key leadership, we work with companies to be fully aware of their succession options and develop strategies for both short and long-term, planned and unplanned scenarios. This serves as a robust exercise in managing risk and preserving the value of the organization. Key elements of our assessment include:

  • Executive & Management Success Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Board Success Planning
  • Organization Growth Roadmaps

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