Technology Platforms and Smart Resourcing – Bringing ‘Crowd Labour’ to the Doors of Business -

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text margin_bottom=”20″]I recently read two articles which really demonstrate the way in which technology is changing the resourcing options for talent.

The first was a Huffington Post article by Kate Moynihan who talks about how her NFP organization Samasource has used a technology platform to connect people living in poverty to life-changing digital work.

The second was an article in Fortune Magazine, by Katharine Zaleski who has responded to the challenge of being a working mother by creating PowerToFly, an innovative work-from-home organization that matches women to technical positions that they can do from home.

Technology platforms that reach broad communities and provide opportunities for individuals to work remotely and get paid for specific deliverables are changing the workforce landscape in dramatic ways. Companies of any size can take non-core work or very specific problems and utilize these platforms to reach a virtual workforce to complete pieces of work – both simple and complex.

TopCoder has been brokering commercial relationships between a community of 750,000 developers around the world and employers such as Google, IBM, Cisco and Amazon through competitions and challenges. There are an increasing number of technology platforms that address the ‘crowd or spot labour’ talent pools and there are now emerging social enterprises that look to create opportunities for individuals who are in someway disadvantaged in advancing their careers.

Katherine Zaleski’s company PowerToFly responds to the specific need for enabling women to work from home, while Kate Monyan’s Samasource has introduced the concept of the “MICROWORK™ MODEL” where small computer-based tasks can create jobs for individuals with limited opportunity in rural or economically depressed communities.

This is certainly a trend to watch – there are real economic and resourcing advantages for businesses to think beyond conventional hiring within their bricks and mortar. What do you think about the way digital talent is changing the landscape of available resources and opportunities for individuals around the world?

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About the Author

Margo Crawford is the President, CEO and founder of the Business Sherpa Group where she has been involved with over 50 companies throughout North America from formation stage through to sale. Margo is a recognized thought leader in the area of human resources and entrepreneurship, and is passionate about the long term success of small and mid sized enterprises.

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