SIRC Webinar: Margo Crawford Presents on Executive Agreements (Video) -

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Margo Crawford, President and CEO of Business Sherpa Group presents a webinar for the Sport and Information Resource Centre (SIRC) in Ottawa to discuss the topic of executive agreements. Margo delivers a dynamic and interactive presentation and answers questions such as: what can the senior manager ask for in an executive agreement? How can the Board of Directors hire/retain the best executives and protect the organization?

Beyond the legalese, what are the main features of Executive Agreements and why are they there? The answer quite often depends on who is asking. These terms matter as they protect the organization, the Executive, the Board and the broader stakeholders. More importantly, when constructed properly they mitigate risk and drive performance and long term success.

This webinar follows the following agenda:

    1. Why this Topic (5:39)
    2. Stakeholders (8:10)
    3. Trigger Events and Best Practices (12:40)
    4. Samples (33:08)

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